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Tobias Geyer Model Predictive Control of High Power Converters and Industrial Drives

In this original book on model predictive control (MPC) for power electronics, the focus is put on high-power applications with multilevel converters operating at switching frequencies well below 1 kHz, such as medium-voltage drives and modular multi-level converters. Consisting of two main parts, the first offers a detailed review of three-phase power electronics, electrical machines, carrier-based pulse width modulation, optimized pulse patterns, state-of-the art converter control methods and the principle of MPC. The second part is an in-depth treatment of MPC methods that fully exploit the performance potential of high-power converters. These control methods combine the fast control responses of deadbeat control with the optimal steady-state performance of optimized pulse patterns by resolving the antagonism between the two. MPC is expected to evolve into the control method of choice for power electronic systems operating at low pulse numbers with multiple coupled variables and tight operating constraints it. Model Predictive Control of High Power Converters and Industrial Drives will enable to reader to learn how to increase the power capability of the converter, lower the current distortions, reduce the filter size, achieve very fast transient responses and ensure the reliable operation within safe operating area constraints. Targeted at power electronic practitioners working on control-related aspects as well as control engineers, the material is intuitively accessible, and the mathematical formulations are augmented by illustrations, simple examples and a book companion website featuring animations. Readers benefit from a concise and comprehensive treatment of MPC for industrial power electronics, enabling them to understand, implement and advance the field of high-performance MPC schemes.

8716.88 РУБ



Cortes Patricio Predictive Control of Power Converters and Electrical Drives

Describes the general principles and current research into Model Predictive Control (MPC); the most up-to-date control method for power converters and drives The book starts with an introduction to the subject before the first chapter on classical control methods for power converters and drives. This covers classical converter control methods and classical electrical drives control methods. The next chapter on Model predictive control first looks at predictive control methods for power converters and drives and presents the basic principles of MPC. It then looks at MPC for power electronics and drives. The third chapter is on predictive control applied to power converters. It discusses: control of a three-phase inverter; control of a neutral point clamped inverter; control of an active front end rectifier, and; control of a matrix converter. In the middle of the book there is Chapter four – Predictive control applied to motor drives. This section analyses predictive torque control of industrial machines and predictive control of permanent magnet synchronous motors. Design and implementation issues of model predictive control is the subject of the final chapter. The following topics are described in detail: cost function selection; weighting factors design; delay compensation; effect of model errors, and prediction of future references. While there are hundreds of books teaching control of electrical energy using pulse width modulation, this will be the very first book published in this new topic. Unique in presenting a completely new theoretic solution to control electric power in a simple way Discusses the application of predictive control in motor drives, with several examples and case studies Matlab is included on a complementary website so the reader can run their own simulations

10671.76 РУБ



Bin Wu Modular Multilevel Converters. Analysis, Control, and Applications

An invaluable academic reference for the area of high-power converters, covering all the latest developments in the field High-power multilevel converters are well known in industry and academia as one of the preferred choices for efficient power conversion. Over the past decade, several power converters have been developed and commercialized in the form of standard and customized products that power a wide range of industrial applications. Currently, the modular multilevel converter is a fast-growing technology and has received wide acceptance from both industry and academia. Providing adequate technical background for graduate- and undergraduate-level teaching, this book includes a comprehensive analysis of the conventional and advanced modular multilevel converters employed in motor drives, HVDC systems, and power quality improvement. Modular Multilevel Converters: Analysis, Control, and Applications provides an overview of high-power converters, reference frame theory, classical control methods, pulse width modulation schemes, advanced model predictive control methods, modeling of ac drives, advanced drive control schemes, modeling and control of HVDC systems, active and reactive power control, power quality problems, reactive power, harmonics and unbalance compensation, modeling and control of static synchronous compensators (STATCOM) and unified power quality compensators. Furthermore, this book: Explores technical challenges, modeling, and control of various modular multilevel converters in a wide range of applications such as transformer and transformerless motor drives, high voltage direct current transmission systems, and power quality improvement Reflects the latest developments in high-power converters in medium-voltage motor drive systems Offers design guidance with tables, charts graphs, and MATLAB simulations Modular Multilevel Converters: Analysis, Control, and Applications is a valuable reference book for academic researchers, practicing engineers, and other professionals in the field of high power converters. It also serves well as a textbook for graduate-level students.

12437.6 РУБ



Luca Corradini Digital Control of High-Frequency Switched-Mode Power Converters

This book is focused on the fundamental aspects of analysis, modeling and design of digital control loops around high-frequency switched-mode power converters in a systematic and rigorous manner Comprehensive treatment of digital control theory for power converters Verilog and VHDL sample codes are provided Enables readers to successfully analyze, model, design, and implement voltage, current, or multi-loop digital feedback loops around switched-mode power converters Practical examples are used throughout the book to illustrate applications of the techniques developed Matlab examples are also provided

9438.27 РУБ



Bin Wu Model Predictive Control of Wind Energy Conversion Systems

Model Predictive Control of Wind Energy Conversion Systems addresses the predicative control strategy that has emerged as a promising digital control tool within the field of power electronics, variable-speed motor drives, and energy conversion systems. The authors provide a comprehensive analysis on the model predictive control of power converters employed in a wide variety of variable-speed wind energy conversion systems (WECS). The contents of this book includes an overview of wind energy system configurations, power converters for variable-speed WECS, digital control techniques, MPC, modeling of power converters and wind generators for MPC design. Other topics include the mapping of continuous-time models to discrete-time models by various exact, approximate, and quasi-exact discretization methods, modeling and control of wind turbine grid-side two-level and multilevel voltage source converters. The authors also focus on the MPC of several power converter configurations for full variable-speed permanent magnet synchronous generator based WECS, squirrel-cage induction generator based WECS, and semi-variable-speed doubly fed induction generator based WECS. Furthermore, this book: Analyzes a wide variety of practical WECS, illustrating important concepts with case studies, simulations, and experimental results Provides a step-by-step design procedure for the development of predictive control schemes for various WECS configurations Describes continuous- and discrete-time modeling of wind generators and power converters, weighting factor selection, discretization methods, and extrapolation techniques Presents useful material for other power electronic applications such as variable-speed motor drives, power quality conditioners, electric vehicles, photovoltaic energy systems, distributed generation, and high-voltage direct current transmission. Explores S-Function Builder programming in MATLAB environment to implement various MPC strategies through the companion website Reflecting the latest technologies in the field, Model Predictive Control of Wind Energy Conversion Systems is a valuable reference for academic researchers, practicing engineers, and other professionals. It can also be used as a textbook for graduate-level and advanced undergraduate courses.

10570.86 РУБ



Poh Loh Chiang Impedance Source Power Electronic Converters

Impedance Source Power Electronic Converters brings together state of the art knowledge and cutting edge techniques in various stages of research related to the ever more popular impedance source converters/inverters. Significant research efforts are underway to develop commercially viable and technically feasible, efficient and reliable power converters for renewable energy, electric transportation and for various industrial applications. This book provides a detailed understanding of the concepts, designs, controls, and application demonstrations of the impedance source converters/inverters. Key features: Comprehensive analysis of the impedance source converter/inverter topologies, including typical topologies and derived topologies. Fully explains the design and control techniques of impedance source converters/inverters, including hardware design and control parameter design for corresponding control methods. Presents the latest power conversion solutions that aim to advance the role of power electronics into industries and sustainable energy conversion systems. Compares impedance source converter/inverter applications in renewable energy power generation and electric vehicles as well as different industrial applications. Provides an overview of existing challenges, solutions and future trends. Supported by calculation examples, simulation models and results. Highly accessible, this is an invaluable resource for researchers, postgraduate/graduate students studying power electronics and its application in industry and renewable energy conversion as well as practising R&D engineers. Readers will be able to apply the presented material for the future design of the next generation of efficient power electronic converters/inverters.

8407.4 РУБ



Bin Wu High-Power Converters and AC Drives

A comprehensive reference of the latest developments in MV drive technology in the area of power converter topologies This new edition reflects the recent technological advancements in the MV drive industry, such as advanced multilevel converters and drive configurations. It includes three new chapters, Control of Synchronous Motor Drives, Transformerless MV Drives, and Matrix Converter Fed Drives. In addition, there are extensively revised chapters on Multilevel Voltage Source Inverters and Voltage Source Inverter-Fed Drives. This book includes a systematic analysis on a variety of high-power multilevel converters, illustrates important concepts with simulations and experiments, introduces various megawatt drives produced by world leading drive manufacturers, and addresses practical problems and their mitigations methods. This new edition: Provides an in-depth discussion and analysis of various control schemes for the MV synchronous motor drives Examines new technologies developed to eliminate the isolation transformer in the MV drives Discusses the operating principle and modulation schemes of matrix converter (MC) topology and multi-module cascaded matrix converters (CMCs) for MV drives, and their application in commercial MV drives Bin Wu is a Professor and Senior NSERC/Rockwell Automation Industrial Research Chair in Power Electronics and Electric Drives at Ryerson University, Canada. He is a fellow of Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), Engineering Institute of Canada (EIC), and Canadian Academy of Engineering (CAE). Dr. Wu has published more than 400 papers and holds more than 30 granted/pending US/European patents. He co-authored several books including Power Conversion and Control of Wind Energy Systems and Model Predictive Control of Wind Energy Conversion Systems (both by Wiley-IEEE Press). Mehdi Narimani is a Postdoctoral Research Associate with the Department of Electrical and computer Engineering at Ryerson University, Canada, and Rockwell Automation Canada. He is a senior member of IEEE. Dr. Narimani is author/co-author of more than 50 technical papers and four US/European patents (issued/pending review). His current research interests include power conversion, high power converters, control of power electronics, and renewable energy systems.

10570.86 РУБ



Iravani Reza Voltage-Sourced Converters in Power Systems. Modeling, Control, and Applications

Presents Fundamentals of Modeling, Analysis, and Control of Electric Power Converters for Power System Applications Electronic (static) power conversion has gained widespread acceptance in power systems applications; electronic power converters are increasingly employed for power conversion and conditioning, compensation, and active filtering. This book presents the fundamentals for analysis and control of a specific class of high-power electronic converters—the three-phase voltage-sourced converter (VSC). Voltage-Sourced Converters in Power Systems provides a necessary and unprecedented link between the principles of operation and the applications of voltage-sourced converters. The book: Describes various functions that the VSC can perform in electric power systems Covers a wide range of applications of the VSC in electric power systems—including wind power conversion systems Adopts a systematic approach to the modeling and control design problems Illustrates the control design procedures and expected performance based on a comprehensive set of examples and digital computer time-domain simulation studies This comprehensive text presents effective techniques for mathematical modeling and control design, and helps readers understand the procedures and analysis steps. Detailed simulation case studies are included to highlight the salient points and verify the designs. Voltage-Sourced Converters in Power Systems is an ideal reference for senior undergraduate and graduate students in power engineering programs, practicing engineers who deal with grid integration and operation of distributed energy resource units, design engineers, and researchers in the area of electric power generation, transmission, distribution, and utilization.

12284.04 РУБ



Zhang Bo Sneak Circuits of Power Electronic Converters

The first treatment of advanced knowledge of electrical sneak circuits and its analysis method in power electronics The work on sneak circuit and its analysis methods for power converters contributes to the reliability of power electronic systems worldwide. Most books in the subject concentrate on electronic systems, but this book is perhaps the first to examine power electronic systems. It describes the sneak circuit phenomena in power converters, introduces some SCA methods for power electronic systems and proposes how to eliminate and make use of sneak circuits. The book is divided into three separate sections. Firstly, the sneak circuit paths and sneak circuit operating conditions are discussed in different kinds of power converters, including resonant switched capacitor converters, basic DC-DC converters, soft-switching converters and Z-source converters; Secondly, the sneak circuit analysis guidelines for power converters based on generalized matrix, adjacency matrix and Boolean matrix are presented respectively; Thirdly, the sneak circuit elimination techniques are introduced and verified in several power converters, with applications of sneak circuits described in conclusion. Written by a lead author with extensive academic and industrial experience, the book provides a complete introduction and reference to students and professionals alike. Contents include: Fundamental Concepts, SCA of Resonant Switched Capacitor Converters, SC of DC-DC Converters, SC Analysis Method (including Boolian Matrix), and Applications of SC in Power Converters. Highlights the advanced research works in the sneak circuit analysis, by a leading author in the field Original in its treatment of power electronics converters; most other books concentrating on electronics systems, and aimed at both introductory and advanced levels Offers guidelines for industry professionals involved in the design of power electronic systems, enabling early detection of potential problems Essential reading for Graduate students in Electrical Engineering: Engineers and Researchers in Power Electronics

13051.8 РУБ



Andrzej Trzynadlowski M. Introduction to Modern Power Electronics

Provides comprehensive coverage of the basic principles and methods of electric power conversion and the latest developments in the field This book constitutes a comprehensive overview of the modern power electronics. Various semiconductor power switches are described, complementary components and systems are presented, and power electronic converters that process power for a variety of applications are explained in detail. This third edition updates all chapters, including new concepts in modern power electronics. New to this edition is extended coverage of matrix converters, multilevel inverters, and applications of the Z-source in cascaded power converters. The book is accompanied by a website hosting an instructor’s manual, a PowerPoint presentation, and a set of PSpice files for simulation of a variety of power electronic converters. Introduction to Modern Power Electronics, Third Edition: Discusses power conversion types: ac-to-dc, ac-to-ac, dc-to-dc, and dc-to-ac Reviews advanced control methods used in today’s power electronic converters Includes an extensive body of examples, exercises, computer assignments, and simulations Introduction to Modern Power Electronics, Third Edition is written for undergraduate and graduate engineering students interested in modern power electronics and renewable energy systems. The book can also serve as a reference tool for practicing electrical and industrial engineers.

9060.74 РУБ



Teuvo Suntio Power Electronic Converters. Dynamics and Control in Conventional Renewable Energy Applications

Filling the need for a reference that explains the behavior of power electronic converters, this book provides information currently unavailable in similar texts on power electronics. Clearly organized into four parts, the first treats the dynamics and control of conventional converters, while the second part covers the dynamics and control of DC-DC converters in renewable energy applications, including an introduction to the sources as well as the design of current-fed converters applying duality-transformation methods. The third part treats the dynamics and control of three-phase rectifiers in voltage-sourced applications, and the final part looks at the dynamics and control of three-phase inverters in renewable-energy applications. With its future-oriented perspective and advanced, first-hand knowledge, this is a prime resource for researchers and practicing engineers needing a ready reference on the design and control of power electronic converters.

27560.46 РУБ



Eric Monmasson Power Electronic Converters. PWM Strategies and Current Control Techniques

A voltage converter changes the voltage of an electrical power source and is usually combined with other components to create a power supply. This title is devoted to the control of static converters, which deals with pulse-width modulation (PWM) techniques, and also discusses methods for current control. Various application cases are treated. The book is ideal for professionals in power engineering, power electronics, and electric drives industries, as well as practicing engineers, university professors, postdoctoral fellows, and graduate students.

16199.58 РУБ



Haitham Abu-Rub High Performance Control of AC Drives with Matlab / Simulink Models

A comprehensive guide to understanding AC machines with exhaustive simulation models to practice design and control Nearly seventy percent of the electricity generated worldwide is used by electrical motors. Worldwide, huge research efforts are being made to develop commercially viable three- and multi-phase motor drive systems that are economically and technically feasible. Focusing on the most popular AC machines used in industry – induction machine and permanent magnet synchronous machine – this book illustrates advanced control techniques and topologies in practice and recently deployed. Examples are drawn from important techniques including Vector Control, Direct Torque Control, Nonlinear Control, Predictive Control, multi-phase drives and multilevel inverters. Key features include: systematic coverage of the advanced concepts of AC motor drives with and without output filter; discussion on the modelling, analysis and control of three- and multi-phase AC machine drives, including the recently developed multi-phase-phase drive system and double fed induction machine; description of model predictive control applied to power converters and AC drives, illustrated together with their simulation models; end-of-chapter questions, with answers and PowerPoint slides available on the companion website www.wiley.com/go/aburub_control This book integrates a diverse range of topics into one useful volume, including most the latest developments. It provides an effective guideline for students and professionals on many vital electric drives aspects. It is an advanced textbook for final year undergraduate and graduate students, and researchers in power electronics, electric drives and motor control. It is also a handy tool for specialists and practicing engineers wanting to develop and verify their own algorithms and techniques.

8910.3 РУБ



Xinbo Ruan Soft-Switching PWM Full-Bridge Converters. Topologies, Control, and Design

Soft-switching PWM full-bridge converters have been widely used in medium-to-high power dc-dc conversions for topological simplicity, easy control and high efficiency. Early works on soft-switching PWM full-bridge converter by many researchers included various topologies and modulation strategies. However, these works were scattered, and the relationship among these topologies and modulation strategies had not been revealed. This book intends to describe systematically the soft-switching techniques for pulse-width modulation (PWM) full-bridge converters, including the topologies, control and design, and it reveals the relationship among the various topologies and PWM strategies previously proposed by other researchers. The book not only presents theoretical analysis, but also gives many detailed design examples of the converters.

10948.39 РУБ



Marian Kazimierczuk K. Pulse-Width Modulated DC-DC Power Converters

PWM DC-DC power converter technology underpins many energy conversion systems including renewable energy circuits, active power factor correctors, battery chargers, portable devices and LED drivers. Following the success of Pulse-Width Modulated DC-DC Power Converters this second edition has been thoroughly revised and expanded to cover the latest challenges and advances in the field. Key features of 2nd edition: Four new chapters, detailing the latest advances in power conversion, focus on: small-signal model and dynamic characteristics of the buck converter in continuous conduction mode; voltage-mode control of buck converter; small-signal model and characteristics of the boost converter in the discontinuous conduction mode and electromagnetic compatibility EMC. Provides readers with a solid understanding of the principles of operation, synthesis, analysis and design of PWM power converters and semiconductor power devices, including wide band-gap power devices (SiC and GaN). Fully revised Solutions for all end-of-chapter problems available to instructors via the book companion website. Step-by-step derivation of closed-form design equations with illustrations. Fully revised figures based on real data. With improved end-of-chapter summaries of key concepts, review questions, problems and answers, biographies and case studies, this is an essential textbook for graduate and senior undergraduate students in electrical engineering. Its superior readability and clarity of explanations also makes it a key reference for practicing engineers and research scientists.

10006.35 РУБ



Haitham Abu-Rub Power Electronics for Renewable Energy Systems, Transportation and Industrial Applications

Compiles current research into the analysis and design of power electronic converters for industrial applications and renewable energy systems, presenting modern and future applications of power electronics systems in the field of electrical vehicles With emphasis on the importance and long-term viability of Power Electronics for Renewable Energy this book brings together the state of the art knowledge and cutting-edge techniques in various stages of research. The topics included are not currently available for practicing professionals and aim to enable the reader to directly apply the knowledge gained to their designs. The book addresses the practical issues of current and future electric and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs), and focuses primarily on power electronics and motor drives based solutions for electric vehicle (EV) technologies. Propulsion system requirements and motor sizing for EVs is discussed, along with practical system sizing examples. Key EV battery technologies are explained as well as corresponding battery management issues. PHEV power system architectures and advanced power electronics intensive charging infrastructures for EVs and PHEVs are detailed. EV/PHEV interface with renewable energy is described, with practical examples. This book explores new topics for further research needed world-wide, and defines existing challenges, concerns, and selected problems that comply with international trends, standards, and programs for electric power conversion, distribution, and sustainable energy development. It will lead to the advancement of the current state-of-the art applications of power electronics for renewable energy, transportation, and industrial applications and will help add experience in the various industries and academia about the energy conversion technology and distributed energy sources. Combines state of the art global expertise to present the latest research on power electronics and its application in transportation, renewable energy and different industrial applications Offers an overview of existing technology and future trends, with discussion and analysis of different types of converters and control techniques (power converters, high performance power devices, power system, high performance control system and novel applications) Systematic explanation to provide researchers with enough background and understanding to go deeper in the topics covered in the book

13213.57 РУБ



Ali Keyhani Integration of Green and Renewable Energy in Electric Power Systems

A practical, application-oriented text that presents analytical results for the better modeling and control of power converters in the integration of green energy in electric power systems The combined technology of power semiconductor switching devices, pulse width modulation algorithms, and control theories are being further developed along with the performance improvement of power semiconductors and microprocessors so that more efficient, reliable, and cheaper electric energy conversion can be achieved within the next decade. Integration of Green and Renewable Energy in Electric Power Systems covers the principles, analysis, and synthesis of closed loop control of pulse width modulated converters in power electronics systems, with special application emphasis on distributed generation systems and uninterruptible power supplies. The authors present two versions of a documented simulation test bed for homework problems and projects based on Matlab/Simulink, designed to help readers understand the content through simulations. The first consists of a number of problems and projects for classroom teaching convenience and learning. The second is based on the most recent work in control of power converters for the research of practicing engineers and industry researchers. Addresses a combination of the latest developments in control technology of pulse width modulation algorithms and digital control methods Problems and projects have detailed mathematical modeling, control design, solution steps, and results Uses a significant number of tables, circuit and block diagrams, and waveform plots with well-designed, class-tested problems/solutions and projects designed for the best teaching-learning interaction Provides computer simulation programs as examples for ease of understanding and platforms for the projects Covering major power-conversion applications that help professionals from a variety of industries, Integration of Green and Renewable Energy in Electric Power Systems provides practical, application-oriented system analysis and synthesis that is instructional and inspiring for practicing electrical engineers and researchers as well as undergraduate and graduate students.

9665.36 РУБ



Robert Haber Predictive Control in Process Engineering. From the Basics to Applications

Describing the principles and applications of single input, single output and multivariable predictive control in a simple and lively manner, this practical book discusses topics such as the handling of on-off control, nonlinearities and numerical problems. It gives guidelines and methods for reducing the computational demand for real-time applications. With its many examples and several case studies (incl. injection molding machine and waste water treatment) and industrial applications (stripping column, distillation column, furnace) this is invaluable reading for students and engineers who would wish to understand and apply predictive control in a wide variety of process engineering application areas.

15253.1 РУБ



Agasthya Ayachit Laboratory Manual for Pulse-Width Modulated DC-DC Power Converters

Designed to complement a range of power electronics study resources, this unique lab manual helps students to gain a deep understanding of the operation, modeling, analysis, design, and performance of pulse-width modulated (PWM) DC-DC power converters. Exercises focus on three essential areas of power electronics: open-loop power stages; small-signal modeling, design of feedback loops and PWM DC-DC converter control schemes; and semiconductor devices such as silicon, silicon carbide and gallium nitride. Meeting the standards required by industrial employers, the lab manual combines programming language with a simulation tool designed for proficiency in the theoretical and practical concepts. Students and instructors can choose from an extensive list of topics involving simulations on MATLAB, SABER, or SPICE-based platforms, enabling readers to gain the most out of the prelab, inlab, and postlab activities. The laboratory exercises have been taught and continuously improved for over 25 years by Marian K. Kazimierczuk thanks to constructive student feedback and valuable suggestions on possible workroom improvements. This up-to-date and informative teaching material is now available for the benefit of a wide audience. Key features: • Includes complete designs to give students a quick overview of the converters, their characteristics, and fundamental analysis of operation. • Compatible with any programming tool (MATLAB, Mathematica, or Maple) and any circuit simulation tool (PSpice, LTSpice, Synopsys SABER, PLECS, etc.). • Quick design section enables students and instructors to verify their design methodology for instant simulations. • Presents lab exercises based on the most recent advancements in power electronics, including multiple-output power converters, modeling, current- and voltage-mode control schemes, and power semiconductor devices. • Provides comprehensive appendices to aid basic understanding of the fundamental circuits, programming and simulation tools. • Contains a quick component selection list of power MOSFETs and diodes together with their ratings, important specifications and Spice models.

4848.44 РУБ



Alberto Cordoba Understanding the Predictive Analytics Lifecycle

A high-level, informal look at the different stages of the predictive analytics cycle Understanding the Predictive Analytics Lifecycle covers each phase of the development of a predictive analytics initiative. Through the use of illuminating case studies across a range of industries that include banking, megaresorts, mobile operators, healthcare, manufacturing, and retail, the book successfully illustrates each phase of the predictive analytics cycle to create a playbook for future projects. Predictive business analytics involves a wide variety of inputs that include individuals skills, technologies, tools, and processes. To create a successful analytics program or project to gain forward-looking insight into making business decisions and actions, all of these factors must properly align. The book focuses on developing new insights and understanding business performance based on extensive use of data, statistical and quantitative analysis, explanatory and predictive modeling, and fact-based management as input for human decisions. The book includes: An overview of all relevant phases: design, prepare, explore, model, communicate, and measure Coverage of the stages of the predictive analytics cycle across different industries and countries A chapter dedicated to each of the phases of the development of a predictive initiative A comprehensive overview of the entire analytic process lifecycle If youre an executive looking to understand the predictive analytics lifecycle, this is a must-read resource and reference guide.

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Tobi Models - Model ID - Bellazon

Hi everyone! I was wondering if you could please tell me the names of the lovely models on the tobi site or give me any available info on them,

Настенные котлы Бакси: описание газовых котлов Baxi и средние цены на них

Модель Baxi main 5 относится к котлам нового поколения. Она является двухконтурной, с ее помощью можно обогревать помещение и при этом нагревать воду.

Список лучших сериалов про средневековье

Демоны Да Винчи (сериал 2013 – 2015) (2013) В мире, где мысль и вера находятся под контролем, один человек борется за то, чтобы сделать знания доступными для всех.

«Уорриорз» в 2012 году хотели обменять Карри в «Бакс» на Богута

Но врачи «Бакс» не верили в голеностопы Карри. Это помешало обмену», - сказал Ласри. Источник новости: ... Модель с улыбкой заметила, ...

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The latest Tweets from Tobi Bakre (@tobibakre). Official Twitter Account of Tobi (BBNaija S3) 📈 Investment Banker 📸 Published Photographer 🎙️ MC-Compere 🕶 Model 📩 Email: [email protected] Lagos, Nigeria


Карточка «Королевские бамбуковые пледы FUZZY с флисовой подкладкой. Мягкий флисовый плед! Новый - Интерьер, текстиль и ковры во Официальный сайт 🛡️ https://shortm.ru/gGk6 ...


Lyrics My girl Who do you know can love you better? Ride with you through the coldest weather I understand you better (2x) All you friends so inna inna why...

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Отзывы владельцев и покупателей о товаре "Плед Guten Morgen «Тоби и Бакс»". Ознакомьтесь и сделайте правильный выбор. ... Модель: «Тоби и ...

Черные паруса 1-4 сезон смотреть онлайн сериал 2017 на ...

cмотреть Черные паруса 1-4 сезон онлайн в хорошем качестве все серии подряд бесплатно

Легкий и теплый плед флис "тоби и бакс" от производителя

Плед флис "Тоби и Бакс" можно заказать оптом и в розницу. Выгодные предложения и индивидуальный подход к каждому клиенту

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Все об игре Toby: The Secret Mine: описание, оценка и рейтинг игры, обсуждения и комментарии игроков на портале компьютерных игр GameGuru .

Блоковая модель (боксовая модель, box model) - CSS | MDN

1 окт 2017 ... В HTML-документе каждому элементу на странице соответствует прямоугольная область (бокс или блок). Движок рендеринга в ...

Нат журалье история безумия тоби смита основано на реальных событиях ...

Модель: модель не указана. Артикул: 22058579. Описание: Тоби сбегает из психиатрической больницы, в которую, как ему кажется, ...

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Пледы Guten Morgen. цены на 36 моделей .... Плед Guten Morgen Тоби и Бакс обеспечит уют в прохладный вечер. При этом он также может быть ...

Кресло-реклайнер Tobi: Купить В Енисейске По Цене 180 063,40

Тоби также имеет регулируемый вручную подголовник, ... Пожалуйста, позвоните нам, чтобы обсудить ваши требования. Модель 7445 Доступна в 9 классах кожи, ...

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Shop women's clothing online from Tobi! Explore styles for every occasion - party nights, summer beach days, and fashionable work clothes too. From cute dresses to sexy heels, fun accessories and even trendy coats we've got the OOTD for women, teens and juniors! Start shopping now and receive ...

Украинского футболиста призвали перестать давать интервью ...

26 сен 2018 ... Бокс/ММА ..... департамента отмечает, что своим открытым письмом он подсказывает спортсмену правильную модель поведения.

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Welcome to Tobuscus - the channel whose name is so epic, simply hearing it uttered maybe cause some members of the elderly to faint. Check out my parodies, a...

Кресло-реклайнер Tobi: Купить В Химках По Цене 273 992,00

Тоби с внутренней аккумуляторной батареей идеально подходит для беспроводной работы ... чтобы обсудить ваши требования Модель 7445-z Доступно в 5 сортах кожи и ткани.

Lil Pump - "Gucci Gang" (Official Music Video) - YouTube

Mix - Lil Pump - "Gucci Gang" (Official Music Video) YouTube; 7 Rappers Who Completely Let Themselves Go... (Lil Pump, 6ix9ine, Cardi B & MORE!) - Duration: 10:52. King Trending 2,436,207 views. 10:52. Calling Numbers You Should NEVER Call - Duration: 11:29.

Модели вентиляторов в наличии 34 см Наруто Тоби Учиха Obito GK смолы ...

Купить товар Модели вентиляторов в наличии 34 см Наруто Тоби Учиха Obito GK смолы статуя для коллекции в категории Игрушечные фигурки на AliExpress. Модели вентиляторов в ...

Покрывало флисовое Guten Morgen "Тоби и Бакс" 150х200 см

Артикул ПФтб-150-200. Интернет-магазин URRAA предлагает купить покрывало флисовое guten morgen "тоби и бакс" 150х200 см по цене от 421.89 руб. Страна производства - Китай.

Игровая фигурка Вест-хайленд-терьер Тоби Bullylend

Рейтинг: 5 - 1 отзыв<br />31 май 2018 ... Фигурки зверей, насекомых, пресмыкающихся нравятся как мальчишкам, так и девчонкам. Подобные игрушки относятся к разряду ...

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View the profiles of people named Tobi Bax. Join Facebook to connect with Tobi Bax and others you may know. Facebook gives people the power to share and...

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Welcome to Tobi & Lili's page. ... Of course we do the usual reviews and giveaways, but if you are looking for a special kitty to be a product model or even a spokescat, we can totally do that! Tobi & Lili. February 27 at 9:40 AM · Oi amigos !

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The latest Tweets from Kylie Bax (@kyliebridget). Model , Mom , Business Woman, Actress. ( my views are my own ). NZ

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Британская империя давно потеряла свою власть над островом Нью-Провиденс, который когда-то был е колонией. В начале 18 века е прочно заняли пираты и преступники всех мастей, практически, сделав своей столицей.

В Администрации Президента высказались о легализации ...

19 сен 2017 ... Бо тобі треба була ковбаса на день покупки як і авто . .... просто при яніке был бакс по 8 и мин 200 баксов зарплата и ты мог даже ...

Ружья "Бекас": характеристики, преимущества, обзор моделей

Ружье Бекас охотничье помповое: технические характеристики, преимущества и недостатки. Обзор моделей: Бекас 12 и 12-М, Бекас-16, Бекас М и Бекас М авто.

Может ли что-то сегодня помешать дешеветь доллару — Минфин

7 ноя 2018 ... Так? Я тобі недалекоглядному пишу що НБУ насправді відкупляє ... Банки теж затарились валютою сподіваючись на падіння баксу…

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Tyra Banks Banks in Santa Monica on September 14, 2011 Born Tyra Lynne Banks (1973-12-04) December 4, 1973 (age 45) Inglewood, California, U.S. Alma mater Immaculate Heart High School Occupation Television personality producer businesswoman model actress singer author Years active Model: 1991 ...

Отзывы о Покрывало Гутен Морген "Тоби и Бакс", 150 х 200 см ...

Интернет-магазин OZON.ru – оценки и отзывы покупателей о товаре Покрывало Гутен Морген "Тоби и Бакс", 150 х 200 см помогут сделать вам ...

Tobias geyer model predictive control of high power converters and industrial. Список лучших сериалов про средневековье

Демоны Да Винчи (сериал 2013 – 2015) (2013) В мире, где мысль и вера находятся под контролем, один человек борется за то, чтобы сделать знания доступными для всех.

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Здесь Вы найдете обзор всех моделей Porsche. Компания Porsche также предлагает подробные описания, технические характеристики, конфигуратор автомобилей и т. д.

CSS/Блочная Модель — Викиучебник

1 Типы элементов (свойство display); 2 Блочная модель (Box model); 3 Высота (height) и ширина (width) элемента; 4 Внутренние (padding) и внешние ...

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Плед Guten Morgen «Тоби и Бакс» покупайте в интернет-магазине Топ-Шоп. Заказывай +7(499) 2158232 в телемагазине. ... Модель: «Тоби и ...

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Бухта Тидмута - станция и замок расположенные на ветке Тоби возле старой шахты. Замок вскоре, ... Станция имеет модель Мейтуейт.

Пледы купить недорого в интернет-магазине в Москве, СПб и ...

Предлагаем Вам большой каталог пледов по низким ценам. Заказывайте понравившийся Вам плед. Мы доставим Вашу покупку по указанному Вами ...

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Укажите товар или модель без слов куплю и т.д. ... Плед Guten Morgen Тоби и Бакс обеспечит уют в прохладный вечер. При этом он также может быть ...

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Флисовый плед "Тоби и Бакс" 150*200 см., арт. 605c7079, цена: 498р.; Тип товара: ФЛИСОВЫЕ ПЛЕДЫ; Размер: Флисовый плед.

Edison Silva R.da Advanced Power Electronics Converters. PWM Converters Processing AC Voltages

This book covers power electronics, in depth, by presenting the basic principles and application details, which can be used both as a textbook and reference book. Introduces a new method to present power electronics converters called Power Blocks Geometry (PBG) Applicable for courses focusing on power electronics, power electronics converters, and advanced power converters Offers a comprehensive set of simulation results to help understand the circuits presented throughout the book

9740.58 РУБ



Czarkowski Dariusz Resonant Power Converters

This book is devoted to resonant energy conversion in power electronics. It is a practical, systematic guide to the analysis and design of various dc-dc resonant inverters, high-frequency rectifiers, and dc-dc resonant converters that are building blocks of many of todays high-frequency energy processors. Designed to function as both a superior senior-to-graduate level textbook for electrical engineering courses and a valuable professional reference for practicing engineers, it provides students and engineers with a solid grasp of existing high-frequency technology, while acquainting them with a number of easy-to-use tools for the analysis and design of resonant power circuits. Resonant power conversion technology is now a very hot area and in the center of the renewable energy and energy harvesting technologies.

12514.37 РУБ



Bo Zhang Chaos Analysis and Chaotic EMI Suppression of DC-DC Converters

Introduces chaos theory, its analytical methods and the means to apply chaos to the switching power supply design DC-DC converters are typical switching systems which have plenty of nonlinear behaviors, such as bifurcation and chaos. The nonlinear behaviors of DC-DC converters have been studied heavily over the past 20 years, yet researchers are still unsure of the practical application of bifurcations and chaos in switching converters. The electromagnetic interference (EMI), which resulted from the high rates of changes of voltage and current, has become a major design criterion in DC-DC converters due to wide applications of various electronic devices in industry and daily life, and the question of how to reduce the annoying, harmful EMI has attracted much research interest. This book focuses on the analysis and application of chaos to reduce harmful EMI of DC-DC converters. After a review of the fundamentals of chaos behaviors of DC-DC converters, the authors present some recent findings such as Symbolic Entropy, Complexity and Chaos Point Process, to analyze the characters of chaotic DC-DC converters. Using these methods, the statistic characters of chaotic DC-DC converters are extracted and the foundations for the following researches of chaotic EMI suppression are reinforced. The focus then transfers to estimating the power spectral density of chaotic PWM converters behind an introduction of basic principles of spectrum analysis and chaotic PWM technique. Invariant Density, and Prony and Wavelet analysis methods are suggested for estimating the power spectral density of chaotic PWM converters. Finally, some design-oriented applications provide a good example of applying chaos theory in engineering practice, and illustrate the effectiveness on suppressing EMI of the proposed chaotic PWM. Introduces chaos theory, its analytical methods and the means to apply chaos to the switching power supply design Approaches the subject in a systematic manner from analyzing method, chaotic phenomenon and EMI characteristics, analytical methods for chaos, and applying chaos to reduce EMI (electromagnetic interference) Highlights advanced research work in the fields of statistic characters of nonlinear behaviors and chaotic PWM technology to suppress EMI of switching converters Bridges the gap between numerical theory and real-world applications, enabling power electronics designers to both analyze the effects of chaos and leverage these effects to reduce EMI

10118.11 РУБ



Biao Huang Dynamic Modeling and Predictive Control in Solid Oxide Fuel Cells. First Principle Data-based Approaches

The high temperature solid oxide fuel cell (SOFC) is identified as one of the leading fuel cell technology contenders to capture the energy market in years to come. However, in order to operate as an efficient energy generating system, the SOFC requires an appropriate control system which in turn requires a detailed modelling of process dynamics. Introducting state-of-the-art dynamic modelling, estimation, and control of SOFC systems, this book presents original modelling methods and brand new results as developed by the authors. With comprehensive coverage and bringing together many aspects of SOFC technology, it considers dynamic modelling through first-principles and data-based approaches, and considers all aspects of control, including modelling, system identification, state estimation, conventional and advanced control. Key features: Discusses both planar and tubular SOFC, and detailed and simplified dynamic modelling for SOFC Systematically describes single model and distributed models from cell level to system level Provides parameters for all models developed for easy reference and reproducing of the results All theories are illustrated through vivid fuel cell application examples, such as state-of-the-art unscented Kalman filter, model predictive control, and system identification techniques to SOFC systems The tutorial approach makes it perfect for learning the fundamentals of chemical engineering, system identification, state estimation and process control. It is suitable for graduate students in chemical, mechanical, power, and electrical engineering, especially those in process control, process systems engineering, control systems, or fuel cells. It will also aid researchers who need a reminder of the basics as well as an overview of current techniques in the dynamic modelling and control of SOFC.

12077.4 РУБ



Seung-Ki Sul Control of Electric Machine Drive Systems

A unique approach to sensorless control and regulator design of electric drives Based on the authors vast industry experience and collaborative works with other industries, Control of Electric Machine Drive Systems is packed with tested, implemented, and verified ideas that engineers can apply to everyday problems in the field. Originally published in Korean as a textbook, this highly practical updated version features the latest information on the control of electric machines and apparatus, as well as a new chapter on sensorless control of AC machines, a topic not covered in any other publication. The book begins by explaining the features of the electric drive system and trends of development in related technologies, as well as the basic structure and operation principles of the electric machine. It also addresses steady state characteristics and control of the machines and the transformation of physical variables of AC machines using reference frame theory in order to provide a proper foundation for the material. The heart of the book reviews several control algorithms of electric machines and power converters, explaining active damping and how to regulate current, speed, and position in a feedback manner. Seung-Ki Sul introduces tricks to enhance the control performance of the electric machines, and the algorithm to detect the phase angle of an AC source and to control DC link voltages of power converters. Topics also covered are: Vector control Control algorithms for position/speed sensorless drive of AC machines Methods for identifying the parameters of electric machines and power converters The matrix algebra to model a three-phase AC machine in d-q-n axes Every chapter features exercise problems drawn from actual industry experience. The book also includes more than 300 figures and offers access to an FTP site, which provides MATLAB programs for selected problems. The books practicality and realworld relatability make it an invaluable resource for professionals and engineers involved in the research and development of electric machine drive business, industrial drive designers, and senior undergraduate and graduate students. To obtain instructor materials please send an email to pressbooks@ieee.org To visit this books FTP site to download MATLAB codes, please click on this link: ftp://ftp.wiley.com/public/sci_tech_med/electric_machine/ MATLAB codes are also downloadable from Wiley Booksupport Site at http://booksupport.wiley.com

11930.54 РУБ



Seung-Ki Sul Control of Electric Machine Drive Systems

A unique approach to sensorless control and regulator design of electric drives Based on the authors vast industry experience and collaborative works with other industries, Control of Electric Machine Drive Systems is packed with tested, implemented, and verified ideas that engineers can apply to everyday problems in the field. Originally published in Korean as a textbook, this highly practical updated version features the latest information on the control of electric machines and apparatus, as well as a new chapter on sensorless control of AC machines, a topic not covered in any other publication. The book begins by explaining the features of the electric drive system and trends of development in related technologies, as well as the basic structure and operation principles of the electric machine. It also addresses steady state characteristics and control of the machines and the transformation of physical variables of AC machines using reference frame theory in order to provide a proper foundation for the material. The heart of the book reviews several control algorithms of electric machines and power converters, explaining active damping and how to regulate current, speed, and position in a feedback manner. Seung-Ki Sul introduces tricks to enhance the control performance of the electric machines, and the algorithm to detect the phase angle of an AC source and to control DC link voltages of power converters. Topics also covered are: Vector control Control algorithms for position/speed sensorless drive of AC machines Methods for identifying the parameters of electric machines and power converters The matrix algebra to model a three-phase AC machine in d-q-n axes Every chapter features exercise problems drawn from actual industry experience. The book also includes more than 300 figures and offers access to an FTP site, which provides MATLAB programs for selected problems. The books practicality and realworld relatability make it an invaluable resource for professionals and engineers involved in the research and development of electric machine drive business, industrial drive designers, and senior undergraduate and graduate students. To obtain instructor materials please send an email to pressbooks@ieee.org To visit this books FTP site to download MATLAB codes, please click on this link: ftp://ftp.wiley.com/public/sci_tech_med/electric_machine/ MATLAB codes are also downloadable from Wiley Booksupport Site at http://booksupport.wiley.com

12130.49 РУБ



Didier Dumur Zonotopes. From Guaranteed State-estimation to Control

This title focuses on two significant problems in the field of automatic control, in particular state estimation and robust Model Predictive Control under input and state constraints, bounded disturbances and measurement noises. The authors build upon previous results concerning zonotopic set-membership state estimation and output feedback tube-based Model Predictive Control. Various existing zonotopic set-membership estimation methods are investigated and their advantages and drawbacks are discussed, making this book suitable both for researchers working in automatic control and industrial partners interested in applying the proposed techniques to real systems. The authors proceed to focus on a new method based on the minimization of the P-radius of a zonotope, in order to obtain a good trade-off between the complexity and the accuracy of the estimation. They propose a P-radius based set-membership estimation method to compute a zonotope containing the real states of a system, which are consistent with the disturbances and measurement noise. The problem of output feedback control using a zonotopic set-membership estimation is also explored. Among the approaches from existing literature on the subject, the implementation of robust predictive techniques based on tubes of trajectories is developed. Contents 1. Uncertainty Representation Based on Set Theory. 2. Several Approaches on Zonotopic Guaranteed Set-Membership Estimation. 3. Zonotopic Guaranteed State Estimation Based on P-Radius Minimization. 4. Tube Model Predictive Control Based on Zonotopic Set-Membership Estimation. About the Authors Vu Tuan Hieu Le is a Research Engineer at the IRSEEM/ESIGELEC Technopôle du Madrillet, Saint Etienne du Rouvray, France. Cristina Stoica is Assistant Professor in the Automatic Control Department at SUPELEC Systems Sciences (E3S), France. Teodoro Alamo is Professor in the Department of Systems Engineering and Automatic Control at the University of Seville, Spain. Eduardo F. Camacho is Professor in the Department of Systems Engineering and Automatic Control at the University of Seville, Spain. Didier Dumur is Professor in the Automatic Control Department, SUPELEC Systems Sciences (E3S), France.

6871.49 РУБ



1000W 24V 42A High Efficiency Power Switching Supply For Industrial Control Transformer

Jean-Paul Louis Control of Synchronous Motors

Synchronous motors are indubitably the most effective device to drive industrial production systems and robots with precision and rapidity. Their control law is thus critical for combining at the same time high productivity to reduced energy consummation. As far as possible, the control algorithms must exploit the properties of these actuators. Therefore, this work draws on well adapted models resulting from the Park’s transformation, for both the most traditional machines with sinusoidal field distribution and for machines with non-sinusoidal field distribution which are more and more used in industry. Both, conventional control strategies like vector control (either in the synchronous reference frame or in the rotor frame) and advanced control theories like direct control and predictive control are thoroughly presented. In this context, a significant place is reserved to sensorless control which is an important and critical issue in tomorrow’s motors.

16813.79 РУБ



Guillaume Sandou Metaheuristic Optimization for the Design of Automatic Control Laws

The classic approach in Automatic Control relies on the use of simplified models of the systems and reformulations of the specifications. In this framework, the control law can be computed using deterministic algorithms. However, this approach fails when the system is too complex for its model to be sufficiently simplified, when the designer has many constraints to take into account, or when the goal is not only to design a control but also to optimize it. This book presents a new trend in Automatic Control with the use of metaheuristic algorithms. These kinds of algorithm can optimize any criterion and constraint, and therefore do not need such simplifications and reformulations. The first chapter outlines the author’s main motivations for the approach which he proposes, and presents the advantages which it offers. In Chapter 2, he deals with the problem of system identification. The third and fourth chapters are the core of the book where the design and optimization of control law, using the metaheuristic method (particle swarm optimization), is given. The proposed approach is presented along with real-life experiments, proving the efficiency of the methodology. Finally, in Chapter 5, the author proposes solving the problem of predictive control of hybrid systems. Contents 1. Introduction and Motivations. 2. Symbolic Regression. 3. PID Design Using Particle Swarm Optimization. 4. Tuning and Optimization of H-infinity Control Laws. 5. Predictive Control of Hybrid Systems. About the Authors Guillaume Sandou is Professor in the Automatic Department of Supélec, in Gif Sur Yvette, France. He has had 12 books, 8 journal papers and 1 patent published, and has written papers for 32 international conferences.His main research interests include modeling, optimization and control of industrial systems; optimization and metaheuristics for Automatic Control; and constrained control.

5834.92 РУБ



Shaoyuan Li Distributed Model Predictive Control for Plant-Wide Systems

A comprehensive examination of DMPC theory and its technological applications • A comprehensive examination of DMPC theory and its technological applications from basic through to advanced level • A systematic introduction to DMPC technology providing classic DMPC coordination strategies, analysis of their performance, and design methods for both unconstraint and constraint systems • Includes the system partition methods, coordination strategies, the performance analysis and how to design stabilized DMPC under different coordination strategies • Presents useful theories and technologies which can be used in many different industrial fields, such as the metallurgical process and high speed transport, helping readers to grasp the procedure of using the DMPC • Reflects the authors’ combined research in the area, providing a wealth of and current and background information

10948.39 РУБ



Siegfried Heier Grid Integration of Wind Energy. Onshore and Offshore Conversion Systems

This popular reference describes the integration of wind-generated power into electrical power systems and, with the use of advanced control systems, illustrates how wind farms can be made to operate like conventional power plants. Fully revised, the third edition provides up-to-date coverage on new generator developments for wind turbines, recent technical developments in electrical power conversion systems, control design and essential operating conditions. With expanded coverage of offshore technologies, this edition looks at the characteristics and static and dynamic behaviour of offshore wind farms and their connection to the mainland grid. Brand new material includes: comprehensive treatment of onshore and offshore grid integration updated legislative guidelines for the design, construction and installation of wind power plants the fundamental characteristics and theoretical tools of electrical and mechanical components and their interactions new and future types of generators, converters, power electronics and controller designs improved use of grid capacities and grid support for fixed- and variable-speed controlled wind power plants options for grid control and power reserve provision in wind power plants and wind farms This resource is an excellent guide for researchers and practitioners involved in the planning, installation and grid integration of wind turbines and power plants. It is also highly beneficial to university students studying wind power technology, renewable energy and power systems, and to practitioners in wind engineering, turbine design and manufacture and electrical power engineering.

9740.58 РУБ



Romain Soulat Control of Switching Systems by Invariance Analysis: Applcation to Power Electronics

This book presents correct-by-design control techniques for switching systems, using different methods of stability analysis. Switching systems are increasingly used in the electronics and mechanical industries; in power electronics and the automotive industry, for example. This is due to their flexibility and simplicity in accurately controlling industrial mechanisms. By adopting appropriate control rules, we can steer a switching system to a region centered at a desired equilibrium point, while avoiding “unsafe” regions of parameter saturation. The authors explain various correct-by-design methods for control synthesis, using different methods of stability and invariance analysis. They also provide several applications of these methods to industrial examples of power electronics. Contents 1. Control Theory: Basic Concepts. 2. Sampled Switched Systems. 3. Safety Controllers. 4. Stability Controllers. 5. Application to Multilevel Converters. 6. Other Issues: Reachability, Sensitivity, Robustness and Nonlinearity. About the Authors Laurent Fribourg is head of the LSV (Laboratoire Spécification et Vérification) and Scientific Coordinator of the Institut Farman, Institut Fédératif de Recherche CNRS, which brings together the expertise of five laboratories from ENS Cachan, in France, in the fields of modeling, simulation and validation of complex systems. He has published over 70 articles in international journals and reviewed proceedings of international conferences, in the domain of the theory of formal methods and their industrial applications. Romain Soulat is in the third year of his doctorate at the LSV at ENS Cachan in France, under the supervision of Laurent Fribourg. He is working on the modeling and verification of hybrid systems. In particular, his interests concern robustness in scheduling problems – especially as part of a collaborative project with EADS Astrium on the verification of a component in the launcher for the future Ariane 6 rocket. He has published 5 articles in reviewed proceedings of international conferences.

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Dean Abbott Applied Predictive Analytics. Principles and Techniques for the Professional Data Analyst

Learn the art and science of predictive analytics – techniques that get results Predictive analytics is what translates big data into meaningful, usable business information. Written by a leading expert in the field, this guide examines the science of the underlying algorithms as well as the principles and best practices that govern the art of predictive analytics. It clearly explains the theory behind predictive analytics, teaches the methods, principles, and techniques for conducting predictive analytics projects, and offers tips and tricks that are essential for successful predictive modeling. Hands-on examples and case studies are included. The ability to successfully apply predictive analytics enables businesses to effectively interpret big data; essential for competition today This guide teaches not only the principles of predictive analytics, but also how to apply them to achieve real, pragmatic solutions Explains methods, principles, and techniques for conducting predictive analytics projects from start to finish Illustrates each technique with hands-on examples and includes as series of in-depth case studies that apply predictive analytics to common business scenarios A companion website provides all the data sets used to generate the examples as well as a free trial version of software Applied Predictive Analytics arms data and business analysts and business managers with the tools they need to interpret and capitalize on big data.

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Adrian Ioinovici Power Electronics and Energy Conversion Systems, Fundamentals Hard-switching Converters

Power Electronics and Energy Conversion Systems is a definitive five-volume reference spanning classical theory through practical applications and consolidating the latest advancements in energy conversion technology. Comprehensive yet highly accessible, each volume is organised in a basic-to-sophisticated crescendo, providing a single-source reference for undergraduate and graduate students, researchers and designers. Volume 1 Fundamentals and Hard-switching Converters introduces the key challenges in power electronics from basic components to operation principles and presents classical hard- and soft-switching DC to DC converters, rectifiers and inverters. At a more advanced level, it provides comprehensive analysis of DC and AC models comparing the available approaches for their derivation and results. A full treatment of DC to DC hard-switching converters is given, from fundamentals to modern industrial solutions and practical engineering insight. The author elucidates various contradictions and misunderstandings in the literature, for example, in the treatment of the discontinuous conduction operation or in deriving AC small-signal models of converters. Other key features: • Consolidates the latest advancements in hard-switching converters including discontinuous capacitor voltage mode, and their use in power-factor-correction applications • Includes fully worked design examples, exercises, and case studies, with discussion of the practical consequences of each choice made during the design • Explains all topics in detail with step-by-step derivation of formulas appropriate for energy conversion courses • End-of-section review of the learned material • Includes topics treated in recent journal, conference and industry application coverage on solutions, theory and practical concerns With emphasis on clear explanation, the text offers both a thorough understanding of DC to DC converters for undergraduate and graduate students in power electronics, and more detailed material suitable for researchers, designers and practising engineers working on the development and design of power electronics. This is an accessible reference for engineering and procurement managers from industries such as consumer electronics, integrated circuits, aerospace and renewable energy.

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Ekum Matthew Panel Predictive Model of Food Production and Exports In West Africa

This book is my MSc Statistics Research Work at Department of Mathematics, University of Lagos, Akoka, Lagos, Nigeria. The work was initially submitted to TEEAL for the 2015 Paper Competition at MSc category and it won the 2nd prize in West African region, before it was later developed to a MSc project. This work will help professionals who want to work on panel data modeling or work on modeling food production and exports. It contains both theory and application of Panel Data Predictive Model (PDPM).

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Kamal Al-Haddad Power Quality. Problems and Mitigation Techniques

Maintaining a stable level of power quality in the distribution network is a growing challenge due to increased use of power electronics converters in domestic, commercial and industrial sectors. Power quality deterioration is manifested in increased losses; poor utilization of distribution systems; mal-operation of sensitive equipment and disturbances to nearby consumers, protective devices, and communication systems. However, as the energy-saving benefits will result in increased AC power processed through power electronics converters, there is a compelling need for improved understanding of mitigation techniques for power quality problems. This timely book comprehensively identifies, classifies, analyses and quantifies all associated power quality problems, including the direct integration of renewable energy sources in the distribution system, and systematically delivers mitigation techniques to overcome these problems. Key features: • Emphasis on in-depth learning of the latest topics in power quality extensively illustrated with waveforms and phasor diagrams. • Essential theory supported by solved numerical examples, review questions, and unsolved numerical problems to reinforce understanding. • Companion website contains solutions to unsolved numerical problems, providing hands-on experience. Senior undergraduate and graduate electrical engineering students and instructors will find this an invaluable resource for education in the field of power quality. It will also support continuing professional development for practicing engineers in distribution and transmission system operators.

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Lukasz Prochownik Linear predictive regression framework

Master's Thesis from the year 2011 in the subject Economics - Macro-economics, general, grade: 81 %, University of Southampton, course: Econometrics, language: English, abstract: The concept of predictive regressions has been studied for over the past 20 years and its application is particularly present in applied economics, finance and econometrics. The basic set-up in the predictive regression framework associates the noisy explained variable with the lagged persistent regressor, which can be characterized as a process close to the unit root process. In my work I describe the relevance and implications of an adoption of the linear predictive regressions in forecasting the volatile stock return using the lagged variable, dividend-price ratio, which is highly persistent. Subsequently, I aim to answer questions whether the excess stock returns are predictable using dividend yields and whether the predictability is stable over time. The analysis I conduct, based on financial data, aim to detect the hypothetical presence of structural breaks in the model. In order to search for the structural instability of coefficients I construct a Wald test for each possible structural break location and investigate the accuracy of the SupWald statistic and its tabulated critical values in the framework described. Having obtained the test statistic for each of the possible break-points, I describe predictive power of explanatory variable and provide economic rationale to support some of t...

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Cecil Smith L. Advanced Process Control. Beyond Single Loop Control

This book fills the gap between basic control configurations (Practical Process Control) and model predictive control (MPC). For those loops whose performance has a direct impact on plant economics or product quality, going beyond simple feedback or cascade can improve control performance, or specifically, reduce the variance about the target. However, the effort required to implement such control technology must be offset by increased economic returns from production operations. The economic aspects of the application of the various advanced control technologies are stressed throughout the book.

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12V-220V pure sine wave power inverters 1500w 3000w peak converters with Remote control


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